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This is a set of 8 environmental essences made in Iceland during December 2011.

The energies of this island and the attitudes of its people have much to offer in these challenging times.

The people have shown their independence and willingness to stand up for what they feel is right by distancing themselves from damaging global economic issues and seeking justice from those they believe to be the cause of their nation's financial problems.

The power of the Land to create and destroy brings an acceptance of change outside of any personal control.

It shows how to find the best in situations that are not of our own choosing and how to deal with constant movement from one state to another.

Lying on the junction of two tectonic plates, the Land also represents a bridge between two places, two extremes and how to find security in any situation when there is no obvious source or guidance.

Key I


Eyjafjallajokull was (as of December 2011) the most recent volcano to erupt on Iceland (from April 2010 through to May 2010). The resulting ash cloud caused havoc for aviation in many parts of the northern hemisphere and deposited tons of ash onto surrounding land.

The energy this essence represents is one of semi-dormant power; awareness of one's action; far-reaching effects; primal force of creation.

Useful for observing the effects of actions of oneself and others; knowing when to act and when to stay still; needing enthisiasm or impetus to 'pull one's finger out', to get moving...

Key II

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

You can walk behind this famous waterfall at Seljalandsfoss. Although only a drop of 60 metres, it is one of the best-loved and most visited. Before cascading down the cliff the water flows through Trollagil (Troll Gorge) and Trollagilsmyri (Troll Gorge Marsh].

The energy represented by this essence is linked to flow; result of change; letting go; beauty in the process.

Useful when there are feelings of stagnation; being at a loss as a result of change; finding enjoyment in life's journey, not in the final accomplishments.


Seljalandsfoss Rainbow Icicle

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall is probably one of the most famous in Iceland. To the left of the main fall is a beautiful Rainbow Icicle, the colours formed by impurities from the rock.

The energy represented by this essence is that everything is possible; a need pause for reflection; there is beauty within imperfection.

Useful when there are doubts, lack of self-worth or value in what has been achieved.

Key IV

Icelandic Nights

Icelandic Nights, far away from city lights and air pollution. Clear skies with the Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights.

The energy of this essence represents clarity; patience in waiting for progress, appreciation of beauty.

Useful when frustration strikes; when the way forward is confused or the way out of a situation is unclear; appreciation of where you are.

Key V

The black sands and basalt stacks at Vik, at the foot of Mount Katla

Vik is a village beside the sea, situated at the foot of the Myrdalsjokull glacier, underneath which is Mount Katla. This coastline is famous for its black basalt sands and off-shore stacks.

The energy represent by the essence is linked to memories from the past that need to be transformed; blending of opposites; acceptance of the natural flux and flow.

Useful when the past is holding you back; when there are difficulties dealing with stops and starts; when trapped between options with no clear way forward.

Key VI

Hekla & Ranga River

Mount Hekla is historically one the most active volcanoes on Iceland, erupting roughly every 10 years.

The river Ranga is one of the fastest flowing rivers in Iceland and it is renown for its salmon fishing.

The energy represented by this essence is one of fast, relentless movement; old wisdom and power; knowing what needs to be let go of.

Useful for dealing with events that are speeding outside of your control or awareness; when you need to find out what to let go of but are fearful of making mistakes.


Westman Islands View

The Westman Islands are a group of 15 islands situated off the southern coast of Iceland.

It is a volcanically active area, the newest island, Surtsey, being born from an eruption at sea in 1963. The most recent eruption on the main island, Heimaey was in 1973.

This energy of this essence represents new horizons; creation of new places to go.

Useful when there seems to be no hope of change or progress; being stuck; inability to see what is possible.


Hafnir on the Reykjanes Peninsula

Hafnir and Reykjanes is the area where the Eurasia Plate and the North American Plate meet.

The energy of this essence represents a bridge between possibilities; expansion away from rigid ideas; a meeting place of divergent energies.

Useful when feeling pulled between two or more choices; needing to broaden outlook on event.