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These two gem essences were made over the Spring Equinox in 2005, using pieces of Preseli Bluestone.

Preseli Bluestone, found only in Pembrokeshire, Wales, consists of dolerite, a metamorphic, igneous rock of calcium feldspar and augite with traces of copper and pyrites.
History has it that 5000 years ago the people of Britain moved the stones from Wales, 200 miles to Salisbury Plain where they form the inner circle at Stonehenge.
Legend has it that Merlin himself moved the bluestones from an older circle to Stonehenge by magically lifting them into the air.

There is one of the companies with a license to quarry this stone.
(see their website Preseli Bluestone (Stonehenge Stone)
Preseli Bluestone Shop
Jewellery and artefacts made of Preseli Bluestone, same as some of the central stones of Stonehenge

Preseli Bluestone Essence
General focus: easy flow of energy bringing a clearer sense of Self, opening to wisdom
Physical: works with old health patterns where they have blocked personal expression
Emotional: quietens emotions to allow for personal needs to be noticed
Mental: sharp perception and overview, detachment
Spiritual: anchors spiritual activity into the Now in a practical way

Preseli Bower
This had the addition of seasonal flowers: violet (flower and leaf), celandine, red dead nettle, stitchwort, daisy
General focus: easy flow of energy to anchor into the here and now, energising
Physical: enhances body defences by shifting blocks
Emotional: activates self-issues (self-love, tolerance etc) to bring peace, calmness
Mental: focuses perceptive skills to see truth and wisdom that is hidden
Spiritual: brings Higher Self through in balanced service to others

Please Note
Our bluestone comes from Preseli Bluestones Limited. English Heritage and Pembrokeshire County Council have both confirmed that 'Preseli Bluestones Limited' has the legal right to quarry the bluestone from just outside the national park, in a nature-protected area. There have also been tests to show that the bluestone from there is the same composition as some of the central bluestones (dolerite) at Stonehenge.

Preseli Bluestone Spray

Activating, clearing , anchoring, transforming and protecting.

This spray contains Rose Otto hydrosol, energy signtaures of Preseli Bluestone, Mynydd Preseli and Ultra-violet Light.

It is also charged with patterns linked to the energies of Stonehenge.

Midnight's Wings

An essence combination of Strawberry Tree, Dandelion and Staurolite for those times when a quiet mind and body is needed.

Sunlight Soaring

An essence combination of St John's Wort, Hazel and Yellow Light for those times when we want or need to be awake and aware.