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Personal and Space Protection Sprays

These sprays for personal protection and space clearing are blends of flower and gem essences with hydrosols or hydrolats, (the fine, uplifting water fraction created in the production of essential oils).

New for 2011 - "Shield 1" Spray
This is a spray of Frankincense hydrosol with the energy signatures of: Quartz Buckyball Shungite, Preseli Bluestone, Galena, Mandala 14, Linear Water, The Merlin.
It helps to deal with invasive environmental energies - both man-made and naturally occurring.(50mls/£12)

New for 2010 - "Spirit of Harmony" Spray
This is a spray of Rose Geranium hydrosol with the energy signatures of: Sage, Tamarisk, Cherry Plum, Green Man Essence ‘Key 5’ and Watermelon Tourmaline gem essence.
It helps to create harmony within yourself and your surroundings. (50mls/£12)

"EarthLight" Spray

This is a spray is a mixture of Rosemary hydrosol
and Fig Tree, Elder, Laburnum and White Poplar essences.

Its' primary use is for cleansing and energising crystals.
There are no harsh ingredients to damage delicate crystals or to aggravate
those who suffer from inhalant sensitivities.
It can also be used for personal and space clearing.

"Earth Protector" Spray

This is a spray of the Earth Goddess Essence mixed with Rose Otto hydrosol and Black Tourmaline gem essence.

It clears negativity in the environment, protects and grounds personal energies and relieves stress associated with life changes and travel.

'Deep Forest' Spray

This spray contains Yew, Ivy, Holly, Oak, and Tree Lichen essences mixed with Linden hydrosol
and Emerald and Herkimer Diamond gem essences. It creates a sacred space to 'be' and a protected energy envelope in your surroundings.

"Triple Mirror" Spray

This spray contains Juniper, Spruce, Scots Pine and Pennyroyal essences mixed with Juniper hydrosol and Labradorite gem essence.

It is a powerful personal protector and cleanser of the aura, ideal when under pressure from others or from the environment. It helps to release emotional stress from the past, present and future.

"Puncture Repair Kit" Spray

This spray contains Orange Blossom hydrosol, English Marigold, Orange Hawkweed plus Carnelian and Copper gem essences. Helpful when energy and enthusiasm seem to be draining away, listless, 'flat'; feelings of being stuck or in repeating patterns of emotions; for moving on, healing all layers of the aura, especially the etheric body.

"Rainbow Dragon Drops" Spray

This is a spray of light essences of all colours mixed with Orange Blossom hydrosol and some Rainbow Dragon Magic!.

It clears negativity from the environment, lifts personal energies and brings colour back into your life.

Light Essence Sprays

Ten Sprays that focus the healing power of light in tandem with a plant hydrosol/hydrolat* that complements the colour of light used.
* hydrosols/hydrolats are the fine, water fraction that is released when essential oils are created.

Each spray not only contains the essential vibration of a colour and the complementing plant energy but is also charged with dynamic shape that focuses the finest levels of the colour into the preparation.

Choosing Light Sprays:
  1. Match the symptoms you see or feel with the given spray information
  2. Identify what you or someone else wants to achieve and find the sprays that seem to match that most closely
  3. Ignore the words completely and choose the sprays by colour—just notice the colour key that draws your attention or comes to mind when you think of the situation that needs help—and use that essence, regardless of the written explanation
    (This method is ideal for young children).
    This method is also useful when there are several sprays that seem appropriate.
  4. These sprays are ideal for use with 'Crystal Doorways'to create a background energy for the crystal layouts when a cloth of the preferred colour is not available.

1. Red Light with Yarrow

Keyword: "Energy" For activation of any stagnant, fixed, cold condition. Brings in energy. Protects from negativity. Strengthens life-force, links to planetary energies. Grounding, practicality, movement, manifestation on material levels. Physically linked to movement, circulation of energy, life-force and the Root (or base) chakra in the West and the Solar Plexus chakra in the Vedic system.

2. Orange Light with Orange Blossom

Keyword: "Recovery" For all situations of shock and stress, whether present or in the past. Accidents, trauma, illness, hospitalisation. For when there is a feeling of not being centred, or being here. Repairs the etheric body. Deeply healing. Creativity and wisdom on every level. Ability to eliminate toxins on all levels and whatever is no longer needed. Linked to the Sacral (or second) chakra.

3. Yellow Light with Melissa

Keyword: "Discrimination" For the ability to recognise and identify what is of use and what is not. Mental clarity, memory, study, intellect. Ability to assimilate energy. Releases stress in Solar Plexus - present in the population in most "developed" countries. Strengthens the immunity. Linked to the Solar Plexus chakra in the West and the Root chakra in the Vedic system.

4. Green Light with Cypress

Keyword: "Calm" Gives the space needed to express emotions and what is felt within the heart. Direction in life, clarity of purpose. Attunement to Nature. Calming and balancing, aids growth in a natural way. Linked to the Heart chakra. (50mls/£12)

10. Turquoise Light with Juniper

Keyword: "Empowerment" Encouragement to be who you are. Easing integration on all levels of being. Centreness and balance. Communication of what is in the heart. Protective, linked to the Thymus Chakra (50mls/£12)

5. Blue Light with Lavender

Keyword: "Communication" Very quietening, cooling, creates detachment and a safe distance. For any passionate, aggressive or overactive situation or complaint. Acts on the Throat chakra. Ability to express oneself in a creative way. Communication on all levels, ordinary and subtle. Ability to bring peace. 50mls/£12)

6. Violet Light with Sage

Keywords: "Release of Full Potential" Associated with balance within the mind. Imagination, inspiration,Higher Mind. The ability to express full potential within the individual and therefore useful in removing blocks to that fulfilment - such as disease, stress etc. A balance of warm and cold, active and passive, material and spiritual suggests an effective healer in most situations. Linked to the Crown chakra, and the left/right balance. (50mls/£12)

7. Pink and Magenta Light with Rose Geranium

Keyword: "Love"
For calming aggressive situation on any level. Brings in the all-healing qualities of love. Essential for the completion of all healing processes. Understanding the underlying unity within the diversity of creation. Compassion, increase of self-worth, trust and self-love. Physically linked to the reproductive organs and the heart.

8. White Light with Thyme

Keyword: "Transformation"
For periods of transition. Cleanses on every level and cuts away unwanted debris. Clarity. Creates space to develop and change. New beginnings, rebirth, purification.

9. Ultra-Violet/Dark Light with Silver Fir

Keyword: "Cosmic Connections"
Assimilation of physical and subtle energies. Detoxification. Helps with electromagnetic difficulties. Speeds up vibratory rates, accesses new forms, ideas and dimensions. The beginning of the beyond.