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A selection of jewellery made from metals and crystals, gems and stone linked to different levels of healing.

Tree Talismans

Enter the world of tree spirits with our solid silver Tree Talismans.
Each original design resonates within your aura to surround you with the peaceful and healing qualities of that tree.
Each talisman (2cms x 3cms)in hallmarked silver, has a 45 cms silver chain and comes in a black presentation box.
Cost: £ 50

Plant Spirit Pendants

These are a selection of silver pendants cut to the shape of plant spirit energies (hallmarked).

Crystal Bracelets

These are a selection of gemstone bracelets that combine colour and crystals to provide support and healing towards specific, named goals.

Preseli Bluestone

Pendants, the most straightforward way to harness the energy of this "Birthstone of Britain" for personal use.

Ash Talisman

harmony and flexibility

A large, fast growing tree with delicate long leaves, ash spirit brings strength with flexibility, an ability to harmonise with one’s environment, to blend in, to remain focused


Elm Talisman

quiet messages

Despite its recent decline, the elm is a powerful spirit of the English landscape its energy is encouraging and quietening, revealing of finer levels of perception and communication.


Juniper Talisman

safe passage

An upland tree of light and air, juniper is used throughout the world to purify and protect sacred space, driving away harm and summoning aid.


Oak Talisman

strong support

The mainstay of lowland valleys and mountain woods, the oak has a stabilising energy that enables one to make the best of all situations, encouraging practical activity and achievement of goals.


Tree Lichen Talisman

wisdom and freedom

Found wherever the air is fresh and clear, tree lichen cleaves and protects trees upon which it grows. Its spirit brings detachment from worry, a sense of independence and access to ancient wisdom.


Plant Spirit Pendants

Yarrow Spirit:
Liberty Cap Spirit:

these are examples - full range can be seen on the shop site


There is a selection of gemstone bracelets (all beads, high quality and mostly from Japan) that combine colour and crystals to provide support and healing.
Any bracelet can be adjusted to fit your needs - simply measure around the wrist, slightly away from the bones. Let us know the measurement as we will do the rest!
We can also make up bracelets to your own choice in beads.

Pendants, necklets and drop pendants are also available on the online shop

Preseli Bluestones and Jewellery
This remarkable stone has unique properties, somewhat akin to a mixture of Black Tourmaline and Lapis Lazuli.
Ideal for grounding and anchoring energies, linking to the Earth, exploring other-life links and deep healing.

Preseli Bluestone set in Silver and tumbled and shaped Preseli Bluestone can be seen on the online shop site.

Shungite Jewellery

Shungite is estimated to be about 2 billion years old.

It is found only in the area of Russia near Lake Onega in the Shunga region of Karelia.
The most important mineral present in shungite is 'fullerene' or Carbon 60 mixed within a silica lattice.
It is an amorphous variety of carbon/graphite that looks like a cross between coal and jet.
People have found it to be excellent for use as electromagnetic shielding and effective in healing many conditions

We have ovals, circles and double-circles, plus stick-in discs for phones.