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Drum Journeys 1

Trance states occur as our awareness is allowed to move away from its normal focus of everyday consciousness. Trance is a naturally creative aspect of mental functioning often characterised by an increase in theta brainwave patterns. Steady, even drumbeats encourage this state and have been used for millennia by shamanic practitioners.

This CD comprises three twenty minute drum tracks of different speeds, each with a callback signal, and one eight minute rattle journey, also with callback.

Track One: Medium fast drum journey (187 bpm) 20 minutes
Track Two: Fast drum journey(eagle heartbeat)(260 bpm) 20 mins
Track Three: Yew wood rattle, fast (255 bpm) 8 minutes
Track Four: Medium/slow drum journey (120 bpm) 20 minutes

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Drum Journeys 2
This CD comprises five tracks of trance percussion interspersed with natural sounds, reminding us that we are all 'entranced' by the planet's own songs.

Track One: Deerskin drum journey (21.50mins)
Track Two: Interlude: windy wood, May birdsong (1.26mins)
Track Three: Tree Dance (9.57mins)
Track Four: Interlude: Shingle surf (1.25mins)
Track Five: Dragon Dance (7.57mins)
Track Six: Interlude: Upstream, the wooded valley (1.16mins)
Track Seven: Witch drum speaking (20.48mins)
Track Eight: Interlude: River racing (2.03mins)
Track Nine: Bell Stream Trance (7.09mins)

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Music for Plant People
Music for Plant People' is a series of instrumental tracks inspired by traditional shamanic power plants.

This CD comprises four tracks.
Track One: 'Fly Agaric'(11.56 minutes)
Track Two: 'Toloache' (13.24 minutes)
Track Three: 'Mandrake' (12.00 minutes)
Track Four: 'Mugwort' (25.00 minutes)

Cost: CD - £ 7.99