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"Focus Fixes" are ten combination essences created especially to help help family emotional emergencies.
Each 'Focus Fix' is a unique synthesis of special tree, flower and light essences tailored to smooth our way through stressful times.

Easy to choose, easy to use, simple and effective:
  • Match the symptoms you see or feel with the given essence information

  • Identify what you or someone else wants to achieve and find the essences that seems to match that most closely

  • *Ignore the words completely and choose the essences by colourójust notice the colour key that draws your attention and use that essence, regardless of the written explanation
    * (This method is ideal for young children).

    This method is also useful when there are several that seem appropriate.

1. Tantrums, Under-Threes, Screams (TUTS 1)
Yes! It is this essence combination on which the recent research on children's tantrums was done!
PDF Download of the Press Release

Emergency Use: For tantrums, stubbornness, resentment that can occur at any age.
General Use: For very young children as they explore how to communicate with the world and older children and adults reactions when things don't happen as expected.

Contains a combination of:
Alder, Magnolia, Sweet Chestnut, Orange Light

Available as 10mls pilules on request (£6.00)

How to use TUTS1

Pilules: One or two can be given when the disruptive behaviour begins.

Liquid: This can also be given when the disruptive behaviour begins, but being a liquid, it has more flexibility of use. The options are - putting two drops into the mouth, putting two drops into a small amount of water or juice. You can also try putting a drop onto your own hand and then rub your hands together, then place your hands on the child's shoulders or back. This is ideal when the tantrums are well underway or you don't wish you child to experience the taste of the alcohol (which is the preservative in the liquid).

2. Teenagers Undergoing Traumatic Situations (TUTS 2)
Emergency Use: For teenagers and older people when experiencing frustration and mood swings
General Use: For times of frustration when we bury our anger or when we feel no-one understands us.
Contains a combination of:
Mulberry, Bird Cherry, Blackthorn

3. Past Life Energies And Stress Eased (PLEASE)
Emergency Use: When old emotions or memories of past events seem to overwhelm us.
General Use: Releasing painful memories from our past,wherever and whenever that might be. Useful when difficult emotions follow us around!
Contains a combination of:
Viburnum, Privet, Gean, Spindle

4. Rant And Get Even (RAGE)
Emergency Use: For when we are angry and can't express it, because we are so angry (especially if we want revenge!)
General Use: Helps us to see what is really happening without denying our feelings about issues.
Contains a combination of:
Rowan, Manna Ash, Box, Pittospora

5. High Expectations, Little Progress (HELP)

Emergency Use: When disappointment strikes and seems to leave us unable to do anything further.
General Use: When we are doing the right things, but still feel blocked, disappointed and disillusioned.
Contains a combination of:
Cherry Laurel, Alder, Plane Tree, Box

6. Repeating And Sabotaging Patterns (RASP)

Emergency Use:To break repeating emotional patterns or thought processes.
General Use: For when we are trying to stop, or are fearful of, making the same mistakes over and over again.
Contains a combination of:
Hornbeam, Strawberry Tree, Hazel, Mimosa

7. Grieving Onwards, Never Ending (GONE)

Emergency Use: For grief, emotional shock and unexpected events that disrupt our lives.
General Use: When we need to move forward but are having problems letting go of strong emotions or memories.
Contains a combination of:
White Poplar, Cherry Laurel, White Light

8. Fear Restricts Emotional Expression (FREE)

Emergency Use: For fear and its effects, no matter what the cause.

General Use: When fear stops us from being who we want to be, what we want to do or where we want to go.
Contains a combination of:
Mimosa, Holly, Apple, Catalpa

9. Energy Goes Overboard (EGO)

Emergency Use: Hyperactivity, inability to relax or calm down.

General Use: When excess enthusiasm creates loss of perspective or for feelings of being out of control.
Contains a combination of:
Holly, Saxifrage, Camphor

10. Clear And Logical Mind (CALM)

Emergency Use: To ease confusion

General Use: To create clarity when we are confused and upset.
Contains a combination of:
Cherry Plum, Dandelion, Blue Light