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These essence combinations are made from the energy vibrations of particular trees, flowers and wavelengths of light. Initially, they were created to give therapists an effective tool with which they could quickly re-establish balance in their patient's energy state, so allowing much deeper healing work to be safely accomplished.

These essences have also been found to be very effective as "first-aid" after stress or trauma - be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. The "Meridian Energiser" has been specifically designed for this purpose.

When we are in emotional turmoil, seemingly trapped in circumstances we cannot control or when we have been "down" for a long time, it is most people's experience that a walk through a wood, or a park, or even out in the garden for a while, calms us down and gives us energy to carry on. In such natural surroundings it is very often that solutions to our problems will "pop" into our minds.

This is such a common experience, and such a natural response to stress that we rarely question what is actually happening in these circumstances. We simply feel refreshed and re-energised.

In a similar way each of these essence combinations can be understood as a very particular "forest walk" which acts on your subtle energy through the types of trees growing around you, the flowers you pass by and the quality of light filtering through the leaves and vegetation.

1. Meridian Energiser
Developed to help rebalance all 14 major meridian flows in the body. Can be used in post-trauma or shock conditions as first aid, and will benefit anyone who is feeling "out of sorts" for whatever reason. It has been specifically used to prevent the effects of long-distance travel. This combination can be used to maintain a balance of energy.
Contains a combination of:
Yew, Privet,White Popular, Elder, Black Popular, Holly, Pittosporum, Green Light.
2. Energy Flow
Helps to stimulate the distribution of energy to all the cells of the body. Helps to help remove toxins on all levels and to maintain the body's energy integrity.
(Linked to the neurolymphatic points in kinesiology)
Contains a combination of:
Tree Lichen, Lawson Cypress, Norway Maple, Plane Tree, Violet Light, Ultra-violet Light, Stitchwort.
3. Release
Stress and tension which have built up over time tends to get locked as muscle tension which can reduce efficiency. This combination helps to improve the flow of energy in these systems that monitor and regulate stress levels in order to restore normal functioning.
(Linked to the neurovascular points in kinesiology)
Contains a combination of:
Leyland Cypress, Sycamore, Glastonbury Thorn, Pear, Pittosporum.

4. Rekindler
A combination to activate and balance very deep energies in the body. There are said to be forty three electromagnetic circuits that move deep in the body tissue.
Contains a combination of:
Lime, Strawberry Tree, Bird Cherry, Magenta Light.

5. Strength
To encourage sense of personal integrity and validity. For when we feel overwhelmed, lacking in power, unable to achieve success. Increases amount of life-energy available. Activates true potential as individual, self-sufficient beings.
(Linked to the Central (Conception Vessel) and Governor Meridians)
Contains a combination of:
Bird Cherry, Field Maple,Ultra-violet Light, Love-in-a-Mist

6. Forgiveness
Encourages happiness and the ability to react out of love and forgiveness. Reduces unhappiness, rage, fury and wrath. The ability to transform a situation in a creative, positive manner - turning self-righteous indignation into a self-creative resolution.
Linked to Liver and Gallbladder Meridians)
Contains a combination of:
Beech, Manna Ash, Oak, Yellow Light

7. Assuredness
Encourages confidence, inner direction, peace and harmony. Counters panic, restlessness, impatience, frustration and sexual indecision and insecurity. Can also be useful for facing fears and phobias.
(Linked to Kidney and Bladder Meridians)
Contains a combination of:
Osier, Red Oak, Violet Light, Golden Crocus
8. Self-Worth
Encourages self-worth, humility, tolerance and modesty. When we are sure of our own "right to exist" it becomes much easier to release the negative patterns of guilt, disdain, contempt, pride, intolerance and prejudice. For all "bad, dirty and useless"
(Linked to Large Intestine - Colon - and Lung Meridians)
Contains a combination of:
Silver Maple, Lilac, Lawson Cypress, Blue Light, White Light
9. Tranquillity
When there are anxieties about the future this combination will increase confidence and a true sense of security and tranquillity. Contentment and assurance replace the "black hole" feelings of disappointment, bitterness, greed, disgust and the sense of emptiness.
(Linked to Stomach and Spleen Meridians)
Contains a combination of:
Whitebeam, Glastonbury Thorn, Magenta Light, Flowering Currant

10. Relaxation
Helps to release us from the failures of the past. The catalogue of our perceived inadequacies summed up by feelings of regret, remorse, jealousy, sexual tension, stubbornness, depression, despair, hopelessness, grief, loneliness and solitude - are gently replaced with a sense of relaxation on all levels, generosity, hope, feelings of elation and lightness.
(Linked to Triple Warmer/Heater and Heart Protector / Circulation.Sex Meridians)
Contains a combination of:
Gean, Wild Cherry, Sycamore, Whitebeam, Snowflake.
11. Joy
Helps to counter anger, sadness and sorrow by encouraging love, forgiveness and joy. Increases the ability to appreciate and to be appreciated.
(Linked to Heart and Small Intestine Meridians)
Contains a combination of:
Horse Chestnut, Ivy, Pear, Orange Light.