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Four Trees: Four Spirits
By Nemed*
Track 1 - Yew
An intense, deep track.

Track 2 - Elm
The path of water through land and tree.

Track 3 - Oak
The majesty of the oak tree.

Track 4 - Holly with Ivy
A tree of paradox, beginning and ending with IVY.

* Nemed are: James Binning, Simon Lilly, Sue Lilly
Mixed by James Binning at Anew Music, Birmingham
CD: £ 7.99

Rowan: Star and Stone
By Simon Lilly
This CD comprises two tracks of ambient trance music for the Rowan tree spirit.

Track One: Rowan Theme (6.36mins)
Track Two: Rowan Star and Stone (41mins) CD: £ 7.99

linden roads
By Simon Lilly
This CD comprises five tracks of ambient meditation music with the Lime tree spirit.

Track One: First Pathway (13.21mins)
Track Two: Bright Mornings (15.56mins)
Track Three: At Rest (3.10mins)
Track Four: New Horizons (6.42mins)
Track Five: Star Patterns (5.42mins) CD: £ 7.99

By Simon Lilly
This CD comprises six tracks of ambient meditation music with the Elm tree spirit.

Track One: Heaven world (12.05mins)
Track Two: downwards (4.09mins)
Track Three: rising opening (6.40mins)
Track Four: wind voices (8.00mins)
Track Five: golden chamber (9.00mins)
Track Five: cloud trance (9.20mins) CD: £ 7.99

cherry songs
By Simon Lilly
Comprises six tracks of ambient music for healing with the Cherry spirit (70mins) CD: £ 7.99

Entering the Deep Forest
By Simon Lilly

Track 1 - First Doorway - (6.00mins) Track 2 - Ivy Breath - (6.30mins)
Track 3 - First Key - (12.30mins)
Track 4 - Yew Teacher-(6.10mins)
Track 5 - Agaric Trance -(5.50mins)
Track 6 - Ayahuasca Spirit - (6.20mins)
Track 7 - Lord of the Forest - (6.10mins)
Track 8 - Wild Service Tree- (ancient abiding)- (8.10mins)
Track 9 - Dragon Heartbeat - (6.40mins)
Track 10 - Mirror Body - (5.00mins)
Total Playing Time: 69.40mins
CD: 7.99