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Runes are at the centre of the native magical and shamanic traditions of North-Western Europe. They emerged during the Dark Ages, perhaps the inspiration of one person, perhaps the expression of much older European traditions dating back to the Neolithic.

Runes are primarily a set of symbols that reflect all the energies of the universe—a magical alphabet used in spellweaving, talismans, divination and writing.

Each rune represents a phonetic sound or letter and also a complex web of related energies and experiences. The power of the runes resides in their actual shapes which echo and resonate with every expression of that energy wherever it may be in the universe. The rune shapes attract the energies they represent. In this way runes can be used in divination to reveal every aspect of a situation, past, present or future.

Runes can also be used to modify outcomes and events in beneficial ways—their magical function.

Apart from huge commemorative stones and metalwork it is evident that primarily runes were designed to be used with wood.

All our rune work is combined with appropriate types of wood. Each tree carries its own energy signature and this acts as a foundation to the precise combinations of runes used.

Rune Sets

We make three types of rune sets:

  1. Stick Runes: are made from small lengths of thin branch. This is probably the closest to the original staves that rune seers would have used.
  2. Stave Runes: are made from flat, prepared lengths of wood.
  3. Round-section Runes: are made from sawn cross-sections of larger branches.

Rune Rows

Rune rows developed over time and there were also many local variations. We produce three of the commonest rune-rows:

  1. The most familiar 24-rune Germanic or Elder Futhark
  2. There is also the full 32-rune Anglo-Saxon (English) rune row.


Prices depend upon shape of stave and the number of runes. They can be made from a selection of British woods, If you have a preference please say, but bear in mind that your choice may not always be available.


Stick runes:
24 rune £20.00
32 rune £25.00
Stave runes:
24 rune £25.00
32 rune £30.00
Round Section:
24 rune £25.00
32 rune £30.00


Bifrost is the name of the rainbow bridge that links heaven and earth in Norse cosmology. Each disc is activated by a pattern of runes (bindrunes) that encapsulate the energy of a colour. These can be used for healing work or to bring about changes in the body, emotions or mind.

The reverse of each disc carries a specific symbol that will transfer the rune energy via the pattern of the wood used in the disc directly to the individual in the most harmonious way possible.

A basic set of seven discs can be used with the main energy centres of the body (chakras), and costs from £ 25.00.

An extended set includes the spectrum colour energies plus four extra discs: pink, magenta, white and ultra-violet and costs from £ 35.00.

We have used the Runes of Bifrost for many years now. They are characterised by fast and powerful action and profound healing abilities, cutting through many layers of entrenched negativity. A healing system in its own right.