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Sovereignty, The Goddess of the Land, is one of the major archetypes British and Irish tradition. Threads through many other cultures also tell of the Power in the Land that Man must be blessed by, to maintain a balance with Nature.

Today, many images of the Divine Feminine have been idealised out of reality or pushed out of any "official" spirituality. The result has been a fragmenting of that energy into many diverse facets.

Looking at the mythology of the Goddess brings us to an understanding of our own inner journey and integration. Those parts of our being that dare us to go forward with courage and trust, need to be listened to.

Meeting the challenge of Sovereignty is to expose our compassion, our sense of natural justice and our loyalty to the Land and Its People. In this process we reach out for our own Grail. Our progress is reflected into the collective effort to heal our planet.

These essences can be seen as links or stepping stones towards reconnecting with the Goddess of the Land. They can also help us to deal with the challenges of living at this time of rapid inner and outer change.

1. Samhain Goddess ~ Morgan, Queen of the Wheel

This essence gives the opportunity to create intense healing and integration at a fundamental level of being. Encouraging better contact with the Earth, it aids grounding and the ability to draw on deep levels of personal power. Imagination and inspiration can be used in everyday, practical ways. It can help to understand deep emotions without the need to share them with others.,

[Spindle, Sweet Mace, Amethyst Deceiver, in the presence of Mandrake, during Samhain, Scorpio Lunar Eclipse, and Mahalakshmi.]
Linked also to the energies of Kali, Ereshkigal and other Challenging aspects of the Goddess.
2. Winter Solstice Goddess ~ Ragnell, Dame of the Riddles

,Meeting the challenge of dealing with emotions is highlighted by this essence. Whilst keeping a dynamic and outgoing outer energy, the hidden world of ethics, morals and beliefs that control our lives, is made available for us to reassess and create healing for ourselves where necessary. This can be especially useful when working in group situations.,

[Holly, Ivy, Yew, Viola tricolor, Viburnum, in the presence of Mandrake, during the Winter Solstice, Capricorn Sun squared Libran Moon.]
Linked to Circe, Neith and the image of the Weaver.

3. Imbolc Goddess ~ Dindraine, Queen of the Wasteland

This brings forward a commitment to learn from mistakes and releases energy to focus on new growth. This focus helps readjust ideals from dreams into practice, stopping the dissipation of vital energy. It creates an innate understanding that projects and change are sometimes slower than we would like, but progress will be secure and lasting.,

[Hazel, Oriental Hellebore, Wallflower, over Mandrake, with Amber, during Imbolc, Mahasaraswati.]
Linked to Isis, Mary Magdalene and other aspects of the Goddess who empower us.
4. Spring Equinox Goddess ~ Kundry, Dark Woman of Knowledge

This helps to create a practical focus for imagination and inspiration. Calming the mind allows for perception and intuition to highlight worn out behaviour and emotional patterns. This, in turn, brings the subconscious drives to the surface for transformation. Expansion of feelings, freedom of expression both bring added strength to stand out in the crowd with new confidence.,

[Moonstone, and Diviner's Sage, over Sodalite, and charged with Lapis Lazuli, during the Spring Equinox.]
Linked to Mnemosyne, Maat and other aspects of the Goddess that help us understand patterns and cycles.

5. Beltane Goddess ~ Guinevere, Flower Queen

In the flow of love and beauty, the turning of the year creates a unique doorway to explore how extremes affect the relationships in our lives. Deep healing removes the dross that stops our creativity and growth. This also helps to release the visionary skills of the fertile artist to bring the finest levels of energy into physical manifestation for all to admire.,

[Rubellite, Plum, Forget-Me-Not, over magenta light, and Mandrake, during Beltane, Adi Shankaracharya Jayanti.]
Linked to Hathor, Shakti and other aspects of the Goddess who energise and activate us.
6. Summer Solstice Goddess ~ Enid, Lady of Joy

This helps the perception and response to the needs of others, especially allowing them space for their own development. We can only do this from a point of inner security and stability that encompasses the awareness that we need to be flexible to our own growth and transformation. It encourages a mutual enjoyment of life that fires the desire for inner wisdom, allowing the flow of love and inspiration to touch all those around us.,

[Geranium(red and blue), Topaz, over blue light, during the Summer Solstice, on the Mary Line in Cornwall, charged by celebratory mantra.]
Linked to Sophia, Rhiannon, Persephone and other aspects of the Goddess who liberate and transform us.
7. Lammas Goddess ~ Igraine, Hallows Queen

This essence can help with the conception, gestation and birth of any project - whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. It activates the transformation of sexual energy into creativity in all its aspects. It can shed light on the needs in any situation, allowing tasks to be planned and skills to be managed. it helps to highlight the underlying flow of communication that links people through generations in ,either the same family, the same role or the same tradition, ensuring that a lineage continues.,

[St.John's Wort, min. Rosa, deep-pink with Amber, over Wormwood (Artemisia absinthum), and yellow light, during Lammas.]
Linked to Brighid, Mary and other aspects of the Goddess who sustain and maintain life.
8. Autumn Equinox Goddess ~ Nimue, Lady of the Door

This essence helps us when we are at a threshold between cycles, especially when we need to move forward to make way for others. At certain times in our lives we need to take our place in the wider scheme of things, yet may still prefer to act behind the scenes. As we find our security in new surroundings we can work for all beings using our fully developed creative drives.,

[Sun Opener, White Petunia, Toloache, over Wormwood (Artemisa absinthum), and blue light, during the Autumn Equinox.]
Linked to Ceridwen, Cardea, White Buffalo Woman and other aspects of the Goddess who help us to initiate big changes in our lives.

Earth Goddess Essence
At this time, humanity's relationship with the Earth has become unbalanced. Gone are the times that we could wish the environmental situation better. We are now in times that require action.

Through our desire to care for the Earth some of us can publicly pressurise various areas of business and government. However, the place where we all need to create a better relationship with the Earth is inside ourselves.
This essence can help us to do just that.

This essence is made with the flowers of the white Sweet White Violet (Viola odorata), red Wallflowers (Chieranthus cheiri), Flowering Currant (Ribes sanguineum) with Mandrake over Sodalite.

It is a vibrational catalyst that works on the finer levels of our being to deal with worn out ideas, old karmic patterns and memories we are carrying collectively and for many of us, unconsciously.

By allowing transformation within ourselves we can better meet the needs of our planet. With extra clarity in our thinking, we can see through the illusions around us and onto what we can do to make a difference.

Above all, we need to be HERE, NOW.
Wishing to be on another planet or multi-dimensional level is no Earthly good.
With courage, we each need to embrace the full import and impact of being alive at this time and start to act.

The Merlin Essence
It is a plant essence made from the leaves of the Sweet White Violet and Mandrake .

There has long been a legend of Britain, that at certain times a magical energy emerges, echoing back to the fabled alchemist and magician called Merlin.
We are now entering the time of the energy's return, thought to be every seven hundred years.

This energy is linked to the ancestral knowledge and lineage of those who know the Land well. Within this energy is a powerful, ground-breaking teaching that reaches out to new ideas and paradoxically, also creates stability behind the scenes.

Primarily the energy of communication to all, it imparts a vision in delicate, softly spoken tones. To reach for this vision, though, there has to be a breaking from past patterns to allow a new freedom to arise.
The communicating and teaching therefore becomes a vehicle for transforming our relationship to the Land and allows both it and us to heal the wounds held deep inside.

It brings the hope that we may once again be able to be proud of our home and find worth and treasure when we look inside ourselves.