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The Sovereignty Chalice Gem Essences

These are gem essences that have been created on each of the eight traditional feast days of the year.
These days also represent stations in the changing flow of energies we experience here on plant Earth.
These essences help us to integrate and go with the flux and flow of these natural energies, to link into the planet on which we live and to be comfortable with being 'here'.

Each essence has been made from a tourmaline crystal of a different colour.

Samhain - black tourmaline

Grounding, protecting, links to our ancestors and roots, stabilsing transformation.
This was made in a yew at the site of a very old church at Warblington in south Hampshire. The energy of the black tourmaline was combined with the tree, ground ivy, clematis and elder with the welcome addition of the squirrel family.
A service of renewal of marriage vows was taking place in the church emphasising the idea of both new starts and remembrance traditionally linked to this day.

It reminds us of the importance of our ancestors in understanding one aspect of our roots. Without the solid support of all the root systems at our disposal we are at the whim of those energies that would seek to deflect us from our true heritage and potential.

The essence was further charged at Kingley Vale near Chichester. This is a beautiful nature reserve with ancient yews and wide variety of other trees. The buckthorns there added their strength, abundance and ability to give an overview of any circumstance.

In crystal healing black tourmaline is most useful as a grounding and protecting energy that aligns the body to the magnetic field of the planet. In doing so it can release tensions in body structure.

Winter Solstice - Green tourmaline:

Dissolves disharmony, activates deep healing, old patterns released.

The essence started its formation in the centre of a labyrinth at the beginning of the solstice. Walking a labyrinth unwinds old patterns of disharmony and activates healing in the subtle layers of the body. The centre of the labyrinth is a point of stillness before the next or return cycle begins.

As the solstice progressed the essence also absorbed the energy of Mistletoe and Strawberry Tree. Mistletoe brings balance to the mind so that old patterns can be seen and released. Strawberry Tree reminds us that anything is possible if we can broaden the view of the world. It brings too, the experience peace and clarity.

On its own Green tourmaline as an essence is exceptional in its ability to allow truth in any situation to be revealed. Combined with the solstice, Mistletoe and Strawberry Tree makes a powerful ally for breaking old thought patterns and for seeing a truth in any situation.

In crystal healing green tourmaline works at the heart chakra to allow energies from the planet and the universe to be integrated into the whole person.

Imbolc - Red tourmaline:

Expression of hidden skills, protected space, removal of energy blocks
This essence was made in the presence of Orange Hawkweed and Flint.

Imbolc is a time for new skills and creative ideas to emerge from deep within our being. It represents the noticeable return of longer daylight hours and the first stirrings of Spring.

The strong colours of Orange Hawkweed are indicative of its capacity to clear any energies that have become blocked or stagnant.

Flint reflects the first ancient tool used by humans which brought such great strides in the capacity to live and flourish in most environments.

This encourages us to be adaptable with the tools and skill we already have. The magenta and reds of rubellite encourage deep personal healing, reinforcing our connection to the Earth and bring many levels of protection and support. Combining all these facets enables us to draw strength and energy from the planet and transform it with our innate skills into release any blocked creativity.

In crystal healing rubellite, works well at the heart and sacral centres.

Spring Equinox - Turquoise tourmaline:

Compassion to release fear, inner wisdon, secure boundaries
This essence was made when the equinox coincided with Motherís Day and the dark phase of the Moon. Motherís Day is a celebration of the gift of life and nurturing. The Dark Moon reminds us of the knowledge held in hidden places and the fear that stops us searching to release it.

This essence epitomises the energy of the Spring Equinox. It is a blending of deep caring and compassion with an ageless depth of wisdom that brooks no nonsense. At the balance of the year, the Spring Equinox looks forward into the light, supported by inner wisdom and secure personal boundaries.

The essence also gathered energy from the nearby stream and invisible Circle of Stones reminding that to be who we are we must also integrate with the elements and energies around us.

In crystal healing, turquoise tourmaline is used to augment the functioning of the thymus chakra which is linked to empowerment and speaking personal truth.

Beltane - Pariba tourmaline (pink/blue):

Flow of creativity, soothing,protective, balanced emotions
This tourmaline is a delicate mix of pink and blue. This unity of opposites releases creativity on many levels.

This is reflected in the underlying themes of Beltane. Blossoming energy and the fertility of the Earth is most evident. At this time of abundance the barriers between layers of our world and ourselves become very thin.
This is also an ideal time to be beyond the obvious for insights and inner knowledge. The dainty, but strongly protective Pansy helps to shield us while we explore and develop our abilities. Moonstone smoothes and soothes emotions, helping to keep our feelings evenly balanced as we grow.

Additional energies of Mandrake augment the flow of ideas and ensures that any outcome is grounded and energised by the Earth.

In crystal healing Pariba tourmaline is used to balance energies of the sacral and throat chakras, encouraging easy flow of creative energy.

Summer Solstice - Golden tourmaline:

Relaxation, respite from overwork, quietening the mind

This essence energises and warms the centremost parts of our being. It helps to generate a feeling of contentment and safety allowing us to relax.
Where we may have become exhausted by over- exertion or overwork, this essence feeds the subtle layers of our energies.

A summer holiday in an essence!

The Summer Solstice represents the peak of light energy of the year and is reflected in the summer being a time for enjoyment and recharging of energy. Supported by the energies of Heimia ( Sun-Opener), this essence eases emotional burdens and quietens our inner chatter helping us to become more aware of ourselves and our surroundings.

In crystal healing, Uvite is used to soothe and relax the sacral and solar plexus chakras.

Lammas - Violet tourmaline:

Dealing with change, finding our place in the world, inner communication

Lammas is the beginning of the waning phase of the Sunís journey in the Northern Hemisphere. It is time to prepare for the dark days of winter, to harvest and store the fruits of our efforts. Time to recognise that all things have a cycle of life and death.

This essence helps us to link to our ancestral heritage through the Siberite. This crystal opens us to resources of the universe whilst keeping us safely anchored to the planet.

The presence of Toloache augments this capacity by smoothing the flow of communication between ourselves and other sources of information. We are able to have an ear to the past and thereby gain some idea of our place in the scheme of things in the present.
By quietening our inner energies we are better placed to listen to guidance from finer levels of our own being to develop our full potential.

In crystal healing, Siberite is used to anchor fine levels of healing into the physical body.

Autumn Equinox - Blue tourmaline:

Integration of communication, strength to observe and not act
Indicolite or blue tourmaline works well to develop all types of communication skills.

It reflects too, the fine balance between speaking and listening. Times for listening can be the times when the most learning is done.

Like the Spring Equinox , the Autumn Equinox represents balance in all possible aspects. However here the balance looks towards the fathomless darkness of winter.

The days are beginning to get shorter and the attention begins to shift from the outer world into our inner realms.
The work that has been done since the Spring Equinox needs to be integrated to give us new foundations.

Combined with the energies of Oak, this essence gives strength to stand on the edge and look. In the looking the fear disappears, enabling us to step into the unknown.
In crystal healing, Indicolite is used to free the energies of the throat and brow chakras.

Rainbow Chalice

This combination is a mixture of all eight and therefore useful as underlying support in most situations and an ideal emergency esssence.