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'Energy Visualisations'
are a series of visualisations and meditation exercises led by Simon & Sue Lilly. They were originally created to accompany courses taught by Simon & Sue and are now available to all
Each CD or tape contains exercises that cover different areas of healing or skill.
Energy Visualisations 1
Simon Lilly and Sue Lilly
Music composed and performed by Richard Hider

Energy Visualisations 1 (2005 edition)
This CD comprises five visualisation exercises.
Track One: "Tree Roots"(10.28 minutes) helps you to ground and stabilise your personal energy.
Track Two: "Crystal City" (14.53 minutes) invites you to experience the four elements and explore a subtle level of awareness with the opportunity for learning.
Track Three: "Centre-Line Breathing" (8.13 minutes) allows visualisation and experience of the breath to calm energies at all levels of your being.
Track Four: "Tree Branches" (7.46 minutes) invites you to contact the planet and the wider universe for self and planetary healing.
Track Five: "Curtains of Light" written by David Tansley (9.22 minutes) allows the aura and subtle bodies to be cleansed and energised.
Cost: CD - £ 7.99

Energy Visualisations 2 - The Sovereignty Year
Simon Lilly and Sue Lilly
Music composed and performed by Simon Lilly,
Visualisations led by Sue Lilly

Energy Visualisations 2> - The Sovereignty year
This CD comprises eight visualisation exercises.
1.Samhain - Morgan's Seat
Contacting the Land where you live for its and your own healing.
2.Winter Solstice - Ragnell's Pool
Clarifying perception and judgement of yourself and your life
3.Imbolc - Dindraine's Well
Purfication and healing on all levels.
4.Spring Equinox - Kundry's Dragons
Your place in the scheme of life
5.Beltane - Guinevere's Bower
Healing for yourself and others.
6.Summer Solstice - Enid's Glass
Lifting self-criticisms, transforming energy
7.Lammas - Igraine's Chamber
Help with starting new projects,new phases of your life.
8.Autumn Equinox - Nimue's Bridge *
Releasing the past and outworn ideas and emotions.
These visualisations can be used at any time of the year.
Their energies can be reinforced by being done on the named feast day and for the following few weeks and further augmented by the use of the appropriate Sovereignty essence.
* Thanks to Caitlin and John Matthews for the British names of the facets of the Goddess. The CD comprises the meditations in the book
'The Sovereignty Year' by Sue Lilly
Cost: CD - £7.99