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Plant Spirit Greeting Cards

The inside of each card is blank for your own message.
Each card comes with a white envelope and within a cellophane sleeve.
The reverse of each card carries a short text linked to the plant spirit.
Please note - the 'Plant Spirit' images are the copyright of Simon H Lilly ©2005
Card text:
Interpreting life requires constant organisation of thought.
Experiencing life requires silence and open awareness.
1. Ayahuasca
Card text:
The eagle soars high: beautiful.
It dives with pitiless talons: terrible
Reality, sweet and deadly.
Illusion, sweet and deadly.
2. Belladonna
Card text:
Reality is approximate.
Most things are true only from certain angles
3. Fly Agaric

Card text:
Upon a lake that is not a lake,
rests a boat that is not a boat,
Words are pictures. Things are shadows.
4. Henbane
Card text:
Weaving the tangible from the intangible.
Hunting clarity.
Eating sunlight.
All there is: patterns of light.
5. Liberty Cap
Card text:
The root withers in light.
The leaf withers in darkness.
Achieve the right place, satisfied.
6. Mandrake
Card text:
Nothing can be lost.
Everything is held safe.
Everything is mirrored.
7. Mistletoe

Card text:
Plant spirit.
Rooted in time and space.
Free to wander through all its halls.
8. Peyote
Card text:
The unseen supports the seen.
The invisible supports the visible.
Silence supports sound.
9. Diviner's Sage
Card text:
Other doors leading to other views.
Remember not to forget.
10. Syrian Rue
Card text:
Be quiet, settle down
into the heart of existence.
Whatever you seek is there.
11. Toloache

Card text:
Food and eater. Spirit Food
All there is.
What do you offer?
To whom?.
12. Wild Tobacco
Card text:
Vessels pouring into vessels.
Cascade of life:
mellifluous, infinite.
13. Woad

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