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As the image of the Green Man is an interweaving of human features with leaves and tendrils, so is the interaction and interdependence of humankind with the plant kingdom.
One cannot be separated from the other. GREEN MAN TREE ESSENCES are a reaffirmation of the link between Man and Nature, acknowledging the healing power of life and the ancient wisdom of the peaceful trees.
Trees take their nutrients directly from the sun and earth. Their forms are an expression of harmony and balance in each environment. Trees are amongst the longest lived organisms on this planet, some living for thousands of years. They are the protectors and regulatiors of their surroundings, offering food and shelter to many other forms of life.
For centuries trees have been known to have healing properties, and whilst being a major resource for mankind, they were also revered and cared for as sacred and magical beings. Today we know that mankind owes its existence on this planet to the great forests and woods that produce oxygen, support millions of species, control weather systems and enrich soil.
This listing is alphabetical, but keeps the numbering of the old lists.
For full descriptions of each tree please see:
'Tree: Essence of Healing' (Published by Capall Bann 1997) and 'Tree Seer'(published by Capall Bann 2004)
The image (Tree Spirit image) accompanying each essence description represents the 'energy dance' of that tree in visual form. It acts as a key, resonating with the spirit of the tree and with the heart of the observer. Please note - the 'Tree Spirit' images are the copyright of Simon H Lilly ©2005

Guide to the overall energies of the trees:
Colour Correspondences:
R,O,Y,G,B,I,V - as in the rainbow colours, DR - Dark Red; GD - Gold; W - White; P - Pink; M - Magenta
Chakra Correspondences:
ES - Earth Star (beneath the feet, 1-7 - the main chakras, starting from '1' as the Root chakra.
(Please note these are broad outlines and there will always be unique pathways for each individual).

1. Alder (Alnus glutinosa) - "release"
Reduces nervousness and anxiety. Brings clarity of mind and eases stress. Increases flow of prana/chi.
(Red,Orange/Chakra 2)
2. Apple (Malus domestica) - "detoxification"
Helps the elimination of toxins on all levels and brings in spiritual energies. Transforms negative emotions.
(Orange/Chakras 2,4)
3. Ash (Fraxinus excelsior) - "strength"
Harmony with your surroundings. Feeling in tune. Flexibility and security.
(Green/Chakra 4)
81. Aspen (Populus tremula) - "delight"
Intuition and intellect; balances over analysis; fears calmed; broader perspective; amusement; wise laughter.
(Yellow/Chakras 2,3)
82. Atlas Cedar (Cedrus atlantica) - "resilience"
Removal of out-of-date patterns; acheiving a personal Path; resilience to cope with change and adversity.
(Green/Chakra 4)

4. Bay (Laurus nobilis) - "energy"
Deep-rooted vitality. Blocked and suppressed emotions released. Spiritualises physicality.
(Dark Red/Earth Star Chakra1)
49. Beech (Fagus sylvatica) - "easy-going"
Confidence and hope in oneself and one's life. Relaxation and release of held-in trauma. Confidence in self-expression and speaking out clearly.
(Orange/Chakra 2)
50. Bird Cherry (Prunus padus) - "sensuality"
Unblocking deep emotional wounds. For those who have become over-defensive of emotional attachments. Helpful where there are sexually difficulties, mental rigidity and being over-critical or uncomfortable with physicality.
(Pink/Chakra 4)
5. Black Poplar (Populus nigra) - "nurture"
Creates a powerful peacefulness. A sense of security and inner clarity. Very comforting. Blends all energies.
(Indigo/Chakra 6)
6. Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa) - "circulation"
Helps absorption of energies necessary for life. Stabilises emotions. Brings hope and joy. Stimulating.
7. Box (Buxus sempivirens) - "clarity"
Strengthens the mind and will. Clears the head. Eases irrationality and confusion. Links you with your Higher Self.
(White/Chakras 3,7)
25. Catalpa (Catalpa x erubescans) - "joy"
Stabilisation of emotions, helps find peace of mind. Reduces anxiety, increases self-confidence in what one can achieve. Joy. (Yellow/Chakra 3)
75. Cedar of Lebanon (Cedrus libani) - "turmoil"
Physically a cleansing, a breath of fresh air. Where there is suffering this essence lessens the resistance to needed change. Clearer messages from the deep mind and universe regarding appropriate actions. Increases peaceful flow, reduces turmoil.
(Green/Chakra 4)
26. Cherry Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus)
- "balance of mind"

All problems with the mind and head. Imagination and inspiration used practically. Helps maintain molecular and genetic integrity of the body. Subtle perceptions accessed. High level protection and support.
(Violet/Chakra 7)
27. Cherry Plum (Prunus cerasifera) - "confidence"
Wisdom and security of the inner self helps remove fears. Tension and rigid mental concepts are eased. Opening up on emotional levels. Helps shyness.
(Orange,Blue/Chakra 5)

51. Copper Beech(Fagus sylvatica var.purpurea) - "depression"
Brings a deep, enlivening sense of peace and detachment from worries. Energises emotions in a positive, non-aggressive way.
(Blue,Gold,Magenta/Chakras 2,6)
8. Crack Willow(Salix fragilis) - "spiritual sun"
Letting go, allowing things to happen. Sense of oneness with the world. Communications with the Higher Self, the planet and the energies of the sun.
(Yellow/Chakra 3)
83. Douglas Fir(Pseudotsuga menziesii)
- "standing alone"

Relatedness, finding one's place, parts of a whole, spontaneous energy, freedom to be oneself.
(Green/Chakra 4)
9. Elder(Sambucus nigra) - "self-worth"
Calms aggression, brings stability, love and forgiveness. Balances self-image. For times of transformation and change. Good for fretful children.
(Pink/Chakra 4)
28. English Elm(Ulmus procera) - "enthusiasm"
Desire to progress, move on. Re-energises the mind when fatigued and balances the heart when feeling drained or over-emotional. Clarity for decision making and study.
(Blue/Chakras 3,5)

84. Eucalyptus(Eucalyptus gunnii) - "sustenance"
Opportunity, restoration of energy, smooth integration of energy, correct relationship and flow.
(Green/Chakra 4)
52. Field Maple(Acer campestre) - "aching heart"
A balance to those hearts reaching for love. Understanding and contentment when overwhelmed by a sense of responsibility or remorse for mistakes, accidents etc. Heart chakra aligned to higher love.
(Pink/Chakra 4)
85. Fig(Ficus carica) - "generator"
Expression of needs, soul food, feelings of emptiness resolved, letting go; dancing; energy to achieve
(Red,Orange/Chakra 1)
86. Foxglove Tree(Pawlownia tomentosa) - "harmonious flow"
Ending of turbulence, strengthens aura and life force, happiness, relaxation, smooth waters.
(Indigo/Chakra 6)
10. Gean, Wild Cherry(Prunus avium) - "soothing"
Focuses energy in physical body and stimulates self-healing. Calms the heart and mind. Creates a smooth flow of energy. useful where there is emotional pain.
(Pink/Chakras 1,2,4)

10. Giant Redwood(Sequoiadendron giganteum)
- "weight of responsibility"

For those who are too hard on themselves or on others. A sense of balanced responsibility, tolerance and relaxation that allows wisdom the space to develop. Releases energy blocks in lower chakras. (Green/Chakra 4)
94. Ginkgo(Ginkgo biloba)- "the Ancient Way"
Harmonisation with the Universe, invisibility, flowing with the tides, smooth flow of emotions, internal harmonisation.
(Indigo/Chakras 2,5)
53. Glastonbury Thorn(Crataegus monogyna biflora)
- "out of the woods"

A clearer direction is found. What feels right to do and be emerges from indecision and chaos. This brings immediate relaxation and release from tension, increasing subtle information and intuition.
(Green/Chakra 4)
30. Gorse(Ulex europaeus) - "integration"
Eases restlessness, frustration and jealousy. Joy from emotional security and growth. Helps integrate new forms of energy or knowledge in a useful, personal manner.
(Gold/Chakra 3)
11. Great Sallow(Salix caprea) - "soul"
Allows the mind to expand and link with the soul. Understanding of life purpose. Energising. Links to earth energy.
(Yellow/Chakra 3)

12. Hawthorn(Crataegus monogyna)- "love"
Stimulates the healing power of love. Trust. Forgiveness. Helps to cleanse the heart of negativity.
(Pink,Green/Chakra 4)
12. Hazel(Corylus avellana) - "skills"
The flowering of skills. Ability to receive and communicate wisdom. Helps all forms of study. Clears away unwanted debris. Brings more stability and focus in order to integrate useful information
(Blue,Gold/Chakras 3,5)
31. Holly(Ilex aquifolium)- "power of peace"
Agitated states, balance of mind. Loss of control, panic, lack of self-worth, unhappiness, loneliness. Active expression of love. Non-aggression, peace-loving yet assertive.
(Pink/Chakra 4)
14. Holm Oak(Quercus ilex)- "negative emotions"
Relieves emotions and restlessness related to thwarted expression: guilt, jealousy, anger etc. Activates personal creativity and balances emotional and mental energy.
(Green/Chakra 4)
32. Hornbeam(Carpinus betulus) - "right action"
Deep energising on many levels clearing blocked or stagnant energies. Clarity of purpose. Standing up for personal experience. Increased security in working with others.
(Orange,Green/Chakras 2,4)

33. Horse Chestnut(Aesculus hippocastanum) - "agitation"
Harmonising flows of energy to and from the individual, eases agitation caused by contrast and difference. Clarity of mind. Flow of intuition. Peace. Ability to ground and dissipate excess energy.
(Blue/Chakras 5,6)
34. Italian Alder(Alnus cordata) - "protected peace"
Brings peace, love and protection for delicate energies. Helps with shyness or over-aggression. Courage for new starts.
(Pink/Chakra 4)
35. Ivy(Hedera helix) - "fear"
Eases hidden fears and anxieties. Helps to release true feelings and identify needs. Balances the heart chakra and its nadis.
(Green/Chakras 3,4)
54. Judas Tree(Cercis siliquastrum)- "channelling"
Access to completely new thought patterns and ideas. Openness and acceptance of very subtle levels of energy and the ability to communicate it to others. The ability to discriminate and discern the validity of given information.
(Indigo/Chakra 6)
87. Juniper(Juniperus communis)- "Doorway"
Renunciation of the past, generosity, relaxation, old stresses released, ancestral patterns, inner versatility
(White/Chakras 4,5)

36. Laburnum(Laburnum x watereri 'Vossi')- "detoxification"
Balanced release of stress and tension. Increases detoxification processes and the growth of creative potential, optimism, positivity and expression of personal wisdom.
(Orange/Chakra 2)
37. Larch(Larix decidua)- "will to express"
Helps the communication of personal wisdom from new levels of peace and healing. Inspiration. Enhances physical and sexual energy. Creativity. Balances heart and mind, Will and Desire.
(Orange,Blue/Chakras 2,5)
38. Lawson Cypress(Chamaecyparis lawsonia)- "the Path"
Helps identify correct action and one's true needs. Initiates change in the right direction. Increased communication between mind and body. Discipline to attain one's goals and spiritual direction.
(Green/Chakra 4)
15. Leyland Cypress(Cupressocyparis leylandii)- "freedom"
Helps ease hidden fears and anxieties, increases positive attitudes and sense of humour allowing a sense of freedom to grow and feel comfortable in. For those who dislike being by themselves. (Green/Chakra 4)
16. Lilac(Syringa vulgaris)- "spine"
Eases all aspects of the energies of the spine. Activates all chakras. Eases tension. Closely aligned with many different types of nature spirit. (Violet/Chakra 7)

39. Lime(Tilea x europaea)- "development"
Shifting levels of consciousness without disorientation. Calms anxiety where related to practical use of one's psychic and healing potential. Doubts and fears ease. Past programming is lessened.
(Yellow,Green/Chakras 3,4)
95. Liquidamber(Liquidamber styraciflua)- "sweet tongue"
Self-aware dynamic energy, personal energy integrity, care for self and others, calm mind.
(Orange,Blue/Chakras 2,5)
88. Lombardy Poplar(Populus nigra 'italica')- "aspiration"
Discrimination, acts of unique creativity, understanding deep drives, inspiration to aspire.
(Indigo/Chakras 3,6)
55. Lucombe Oak(Quercus hispanica "lucombeana")- "creative energy"
Life-supporting creativity, inspiration, ideas. Increased mental focus. Commitment to act and bring change. Wisdom and compassion.
(Orange,Violet/Chakras 2,7)

56. Magnolia(Magnolia x soulangeana)- "restlessness"
Eases restlessness and lack of clarity. Helps to maintain balance when difficult changes have to be made. Increases sense of freedom and relaxation. Learning from past experiences, a clearer idea of one's true identity.
(Green/Chakra 4)
57. Manna Ash(Fraxinus ornus)- "happy with oneself"
Heals the heart and emotions. Being honest with oneself about how one feels. Unresolved emotional issues. Increases understanding and access to creative levels of consciousness.
(Pink/Chakra 4)
76. Medlar(Mespilus germanicus)- "boundless"
Energy to core personal patterns. Motivation, enthusiasm and drive. Boundless energy to achieve goals. Increase in joy and happiness. Total security. Strength, humour, brightness and creative intelligence.
(Red,Gold/Chakra 3)