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77. Midland Hawthorn(Crataegus laevigata)- "expansion"
Energises aspects of the heart chakra and its relationship with personal growth and spiritual awareness. Enthusiasm to enjoy and explore life.
(Red,Green/Chakra 4)
40. Mimosa(Acacia dealbata) - "sensitivity"
Increased awareness of what is going on inside self. Intuition is better understood. Ability to stand up and express oneself. A sense of peace. (Yellow,Blue/Chakras 3,6)
78. Monkey Puzzle Tree
(Araucaria araucana) - "fierce compassion"
Calms aggression but allows creative, forceful action. Strongly energising, earthing , protecting. Perception of cycles of time and space, expanded awareness of continuity and change on this planet.
(Red,Pink/Chakras 1,4)
41. Monterey Pine(Pinus radiata) - "connectedness"
Helps remove very deep trauma. Artistic blocks eased. Balances emotions,calms anxieties. A deep peace and connectedness to everything. At ease in one's body, physical well-being. Past life information. (Red,Violet/Chakra 7)
58. Mulberry(Morus nigra) - "wrath"
Powerful emotions released constructively. Freedom from remorse and past pain. For those hurt by the world and who react with anger and cynicism.
(Dark Red,Magenta/Chakra 1)

42. Norway Maple(Acer platanoides) - "healing love"
Love and acceptance, healing, nurturing energy for emotional shock and trauma. Lightness, happiness, relaxation.Taking back control of life and power for oneself.
(Gold,Pink/ Chakras 2,3)
89. Norway Spruce(Picea abies) - "trust"
Understanding change, lightness, open to experience, seeing clearly, axis, beacon.
(Orange,Blue/Chakras 2,5)
43. Oak(Quercus robur) - "manifestation"
Absorption and integration of very deep, hidden energy underlying this reality. The desire for stability whilst experiencing the polarities of existence. Ability to manifest one's goals. Channelling energy
(Red/Chakra 1)
96. Olive(Olea europea) - "valour"
Warmth, solar energy, truthfulness, motivation, passionate clarity
(Red,Gold/Chakras 1,3)
59. Osier(Salix viminalis) - "spiritual void"
To contact Higher Self. Energy to adapt, change and grow. Useful when everything seems empty and useless. Energy and understanding.
(Gold/Chakras 2,3)
60. Pear(Pyrus communis) - "serenity"
Happy to be who you are. Clarity, simplicity, confidence. Reduction of stress in the subtle bodies. Increased enthusiasm, drive and energy. Deep peace.
(Yellow/Chakra 3)
61. Persian Ironwood (Parrotia persica) - "alienation"
Energy, emotional strength, drive, enthusiasm. Grounds spiritual energy into the physical body. Activates deep-level healing. Connectedness to the highest level of planetary consciousness. Strong sense of connectedness, belonging and joy. For feelings of alienation and weakness.
(Red/Chakra 1)
63. Pittospora(Pittosporum tenuifolium) - "in two minds"
Helps to clarify how one truly feels. Useful when loyalties are divided. Helps find solutions to mental worries and conflicts. Increases perspective and sense of humour.
(Yellow,Violet/Chakra 3)
62. Plane Tree(Platanus x acerifolia) - "fine judgement"
Ability to discriminate subtle levels of the truth. Helps prevent introspection, melancholy and over-analysis. Broadens viewpoints and gives a peaceful space to meditate.
(Yellow/Chakra 3)
44. Plum(Prunus domestica) - "empowerment"
Helps the highest spiritual energy enter into the material world. Practical solution to problems. Increased awareness of surroundings and effective use of personal power. Self-worth, self-motivation.
(Magenta/Chakras 1,4)

45. Privet(Ligustrum vulgare) - "old wounds"
Works with subtle bodies to repair shock and trauma. Creates harmonious vibration that helps to heal on fine levels. Increases life force to allow letting go of old wounds.
(Orange/Chakra 2)
64. Red Chestnut(Aesculus x carnea) - "fear for others"
A feeling of serenity and protection at a deep level of being, both for oneself and others. This reduces fear and anxieties and brings a peace and detachment from the worries of what may, (but probably won't),be. Helps create a clear, positive, unselfish link with others. Fears and phobias ease.
(Red,Violet/Chakra 1)
65. Red Oak(Quercus rubra) - "practical support"
Body structure energised. Growing conviction of one's place and purpose in the world. Clearing of self-doubt and false views. Very practical searching for Spirit.
(Red,Violet/Chakra 1)
90. Robinia(Robinia pseudoacaia) - "awakening"
Calm mind, dissolving 'glamour' and obsession, optimism, clearing emotional and mental clutter.
(White/Chakra 5)
17. Rowan(Sorbus aucuparia) - "nature"
Attunement to the energies of nature, particularly wood and earth. Enlarges perspectives to a cosmic level, allowing deep understanding of the universe.
(Green,Violet/Chakra 7)

18. Scots Pine(Pinus sylvestris)- "insight"
Helps activate third eye and development of subtle awareness in a balanced way. Brings penetrating insight and increases tenacity and patience. Broadens one's outlook.
(Green,Indigo/Chakra 5)
97. Sea Buckthorn(Hippophae rhamnoides) - "pioneer"
Fresh perspectives, un-involvement, protection, from harmful influences, understanding emotions
(Indigo/Chakra 6)
101. Sequoia(Sequoia sempervirens) - "anchor"
Creates space to deal with energy blocks, stabilising our anchor to the planet and opening to the universe. Eases difficult emotions giving clarity of thought.
(Green/Chakra 4)
19. Silver Birch(Betula pendula)
- "beauty"

Ability to experience beauty and calmness. Tolerance of self and others. For those who find it difficult to express themselves.
(Pink/Chakra 4)
91. Silver Fir(Abies alba) - "enthroned"
Empowering, going with the flow, transformation, open crown, brightness, flow of healing and creativity.
(Violet/Chakra 7)

18. Silver Maple(Acer saccarinum) - "moods"
Helps balance the flow of energy through the body and regulates mood swings. Realigns the meridians, so useful for acupuncture.
(Blue,Pink/Chakras 2,4)
66. Spindle(Euonymus europaeus) - "self-integration"
Understanding one's true nature and needs. Increased sense of security, reducing the need to compare oneself to others. For feelings of superiority / inferiority. Energises soul, accesses energies of the Shadow-self in an integrated, positive way.
(White,Gold/Chakra 7)
46. Stags Horn Sumach(Rhus typhina)- "meditation"
Brow chakra energised. Flow of information. Balances energies for meditation. Stills mental and emotional processes while allowing clear intuition and communication at deep levels.
(Violet/Chakra 7)
47. Strawberry Tree(Arbutus unedo) - "quietude"
Quietens and clears the mind of all unnecessary thought. Brings stillness and silence, which allows change to occur on deep levels. Energises crown chakra. Good for healers and meditation. (Indigo,White/Chakra 6)
67. Sweet Chestnut(Castanea sativa)- "The Now"
Focusing and centring in the present moment. Release of guilt, particularly alienation with physical world. Creates detachment and understanding to regain wider perspective. Finding ways out of difficult situations.
(Pink/Chakra 4)

21. Sycamore(Acer pseudoplatanus)- "lightening up"
Energy levels increase, so helps with lethargy. Awareness of the sweetness of life, harmony and relaxation. Lifts heavy moods.
(Yellow/Chakra 3)
68. Tamarisk(Tamarix gallica) - "fire of transformation"
Finding spiritual direction, freeing up energies for personal expansion and growth. Deeply cleansing and uplifting, cleanses age-old dross for the true self to emerge.
(White/Chakras 2,3)
22. Tree Lichen(Usnea subfloridana)- "wisdom"
Accesses past knowledge and ancient wisdom. Brings a sense of independence and detachment without isolation. Letting go of things no longer needed, in order to grow.
(Violet,White/Chakras 3,4)
69. Tree of Heaven(Ailanthus altissima) - "heaven on earth"
Dynamic, energising, spiritual energies. Maintains integrity of self whilst removing barriers and allowing growth of new levels of awareness. Practical spirituality, practical wisdom.
(Red,Violet/Chakras 2,7)
70. Tulip Tree(Liriodendron tulipifera) - "spiritual nourishment"
Nourishing on spiritual levels, particularly for those feeling restless and dissatisfied or those with addictive tendencies. Finding positive outlets for energy and expression. Artistic. Balance for meditation.
(Yellow,Blue/Chakra 2)

48. Viburnum(Viburnum tinus) - "reassurance"
Support and reassurance. For those who feel unsettled, vulnerable or unhappy. Helps to establish identity and direction, particularly after life-threatening situations.
(Pink/Chakra 4)
92. Walnut(Juglans regia) - "liberation"
Purification, cleansing, sturdiness, removal of all sorts of intrusions and influences, personal power and integrity, security.
(Green/Chakra 5)
79. Wayfaring Tree(Viburnum lantana) - "far memory"
Recognition of similarities of circumstance and patterns in the present relating to the past. Re-establishing personal boundaries and independence,to create a protective space.
(Green,Violet/Chakras 4,6)
71. Weeping Willow(Salix x chrysocoma)- "ego"
Proper use of personal power and energy. Useful for those who get annoyed by others' views and attitudes. Tolerance of others and acceptance of one's own shortcomings. Energising, motivating in a wise, balanced way.
(Gold/Chakra 3)
98. Western Hemlock(Tsuga heterophylla) - "open grace"
Cleansing, clearing, quietening, focusing, serenity, new beginnings, acceptance.
(White/Chakras 6,7)

93. Western Red Cedar(Thuja plicata) - "constancy"
Underlying peace, play of emotions, belief in oneself, screening harmful influences, subtle tides of consciousness, steadiness.
(Blue/Chakras 5,6)
72. White Poplar(Populus alba) - "starting again"
Increase of wisdom, joy and contentment. Healing of mind and emotions. Energy and courage to recover from emotional setbacks.
(Pink/Chakra 4)
73. White Willow(Salix alba) - "True Self"
The perception of the self is put in the context of its universal existence. This clarity brings a truer balance within oneself. Ego is cleansed and filled with a sense of bliss and love welling up. Spiritual cleansing.
(Violet/Chakras 3,7)
23. Whitebeam(Sorbus aria) - "Otherworld"
Stimulates finer levels of perception. Understanding of the animal and plant kingdoms. Opens heart and mind to finer levels of creation.
(Indigo/Chakras 6,7)
99. Wild Service Tree(Sorbus torminalis) - "unfoldment"
Expansion of awareness, understanding motives, past life healing, self-definition, hidden currents.
(Indigo/Chakra 6)

100. Willow Leaved Pear(Pyrus salicifolia) - "dance of life"
Security within the self, dance of joy, healing, personal power and vitality, creative living, enjoyment.
(Red,Orange/Chakra 2)
80. Wych Elm(Ulmus glabra) - "attainment"
The mind is brought to clarity. There is a more positive, life-affirming outlook. Confidence in personal strengths and abilities. Peaceful awareness, no matter what state. Meditation touches many subtle realms.
(Yellow,Violet/Chakras 3,7)
74. Yellow Buckeye(Aesculus flava) - "devas"
A way to link to devas, elementals and nature spirits in all environments. Modifies personal energy patterns in order to understand different sorts of communication.
(Green,Indigo/Chakra 5)
24. Yew(Taxus baccata) - "protection"
Protects from harm by activating the highest spiritual values of survival and protection. Aids the memory and discrimination, helps the body's defence system and increases energy.

(Dark Red/Chakras - Earth Star,1)