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Tree Trance 1 Simon Lilly
The Heart of things, the Isles of the Blessed, The lands of the west, the Gardens of Immortality ~ the sound signature of the apple tree is..
F, Eb, C#, F, G, ...F, Eb, C#, C
Cauldron of Inspiration, Bright place of renewal,
Doorway of entering into and out from ~ the sound signature of the alder tree is....
A, G, G.

Mimosa: (Silver Wattle)
Smooth sunlight, Clarity of mind, Expansion of peace ~ the sound signature of the mimosa tree is....
D, G, G, A.

Silver Birch:
The beauty of being, Allowance of change, Acceptance of all, Mother of beginnings and endings ~ the sound signature of the silver birch tree is.... G, G, F, Eb, G, Eb, F.

The land of the ancestors,
Smoke of purification, Incense of offering, Doorway to beginnings ~ the sound signature of the juniper tree is....
F#, E, Eb, Eb, D, Eb, Eb.
Cost: CD - £ 7.99

Tree Trance 2
Simon Lilly

Great Sallow ~ "Soul", (Goat Willow, Pussy Willow):
Woven into life, The elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Held in the web---- soul enthrones amidst itself ~ the sound signature of the great sallow tree is...
G, Bb, C#, Bb, C. (x3)
Lime ~ "Development" (Linden)
Mother of all things, Honey of high summer, Food for the heart. The way to flow and grow, nurturance, protection, encouragement. ~ the sound signature of the lime tree is....
C, G, E, F, Eb, C, C, G, E, F, Eb, C.

Strawberry Tree ~ "Quietude"
Waves on the shore, Wind and the cry of birds. Breath coming and going, The melody of thoughts. To whom do they belong?
~ the sound signature of the strawberry tree is...
F#, D, G, E, A, F#, F#.

Midland Hawthorn ~ "Expansion" Unlock the heart.
The centre of balance can be found everywhere. Flowing outwards, harmony, understanding. Energy to grow and establish. Eternity with a smile ~ the sound signature of the midland hawthorn tree is...
Ab, G, Eb, F#, G, Ab.

Cost: CD - £ 7.99

These are a series of CD's (£7.99 each) exploring the mantras and note signatures of trees.
Each track begins with the tree spell (or mantra) followed by an exploration of the note sequence attuning us to that tree.

Tracks vary in length, but average about 6 minutes.

Ideal for Tree Seer students and those working with Tree Spirit Healing

Tree Spells 1
(Alder, Apple, Ash, Aspen, Atlas Cedar, Bay, Beech, Black Poplar, Blackthorn, Bird Cherry, Box, Catalpa)

Cost: CD - £ 7.99

Tree Spells 2
(Cedar of Lebanon, Cherry Laurel, Cherry Plum Copper Beech, Crack Willow, Douglas Fir, Elder, English Elm, Eucayptus, Field Maple)

Cost: CD - £ 7.99

Tree Spells 3
(Fig Tree, Foxglove Tree, Gean(Wild Cherry), Giant Redwood, Ginkgo, Glastonbury Thorn, Gorse, Great Sallow, Hawthorn, Hazel, Holly)

Cost: CD - £ 7.99

Tree Spells 4
(Holm Oak, Hornbeam, Horse Chestnut, Italian Alder, Ivy, Judas Tree, Juniper Laburnum, Larch, Lawson Cypress, Leyland Cypress, Lilac, Lime)

Cost: CD - £ 7.99

Tree Spells 5
(Liquidamber, Lombardy Poplar, Lucombe Oak, Magnolia, Manna Ash, Medlar, Midland Hawthorn, Mimosa, Monkey Puzzle Tree, Monterey Pine, Norway Maple, Norway Spruce)

Cost: CD - £ 7.99